As our first blog post on the New Chorley Ceramics website, I thought I’d start with a review of the current trends we are seeing in the domestic tiling market. 


We’ve noticed that a lot of the jobs are becoming larger, as homeowners are knocking down walls, creating that large open space without having to up roots and move house. Kitchens and orangeries are becoming somewhat ambiguous as we’ve noticed many of them are effectively becoming one room.


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Image Credit: Discopalace

Another trend we have noticed is the use of wood effect tiles. These range from very expensive rectified porcelain to a more entry level ceramic biscuit. Over the past year, we’ve tiled a lot more jobs that usual in these wood effect tiles. Some could say it’s down to shows like Grand Designs and other lifestyle magazines, but i’m more inclined to think it’s down to the low maintenance and durability of tiles over a wood floor. One job we did recently even fooled a joiner into thinking they were natural wood, they has such a realistic appearance and texture, its only on very close inspection did he notice they were in fact porcelain!

wood effect blog pic 

Image Credit:Minimalistsweethome

We’ve also seen a massive increase in all forms of underfloor heating (both water and electric based). It seems that having toasty feet underfloor is a trend that is here to stay. Unsightly radiators are no longer a problem. There appears to be something associated with underfloor heating that highlights a certain upper class, something which most people would strive to achieve. 

It appears to us that on many of the larger jobs, colour shifts are happening. In the past, neutral creamy tones were on just about every job, but recently, we’ve noticed a many jobs  going for a more industrial look with a colour palette of grays and blacks. I must say, a large floor in a 60x60cm rectified grey porcelain does look rather exceptional.ATLAS GREY30X60 02

As the housing market is seemingly picking up pace, we’ve noticed that people aren’t just having an orangery built, but they are having work done on more of their house. Instead of moving house, they are effectively modernizing their current home. This is only beneficial for us, as a lot of the time they have some extra work for us!

Alex Garner