Underfloor Heating


Electric under tile heating

This affordable system is ideal for warming conservatories.

Because heat is provided to every part of the tiled floor, there are no cold spots, ensuring maximum comfort.

Easy to install, this system can also be installed onto an existing tiled floor and then be over tiled.

• Simple to install
• Economical
• Fully controllable by digital clock thermostat
• Timer with up to 2 on and 2 off settings per day

• Vacation function
• Can be set for lower night time temperature so thefloor never goes cold
• Minimum effect on floor height


The main advantages of our system are:

• Invisible - no unsightly radiators or wall mounted heaters

• Maintenance free - no servicing or maintenance needed

• Economical - low running costs• Controllable - by means of the digital thermostat supplied

• 3mm heating cable - little effect on the floor height

• Twin core heating cable - just one ‘cold’ end to connect

• Suitable for timber or concrete sub-floors



Specialist Systems Heating for Soft Floor
Finishes - RHE Parquet

You can now enjoy the beauty of a wooden or carpeted floor with the comfort of low temperature underfloorcarbon joisted
heating with RHE Parquet.

As the heating cables are placed in a close proximity to each other, the cables
themselves only run at a very low temperature which is regulated by a floor sensored thermostat, meaning no
adverse effect on the final floor finish.

This system is energy efficient, completely safe, maintenance free and very easy to install. RHE Parquet has been developed as a dry installation system for use with carpet, laminate, parquet and floating
wooden floor finishes.

RHE Parquet comes with a 10 year guarantee.

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